Tips for Financial Planning

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The following tips will help get you in gear to start your financial planning. Once you have made financial planning part of your routine, it won't seem so difficult. But getting your financial planning started can be the most difficult thing. These tips will help motivate you to make financial planning one of your main goals.

Financial Planning Tip #1 Pay off Debt

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One of the biggest factors fighting against financial planning is debt, especially credit card debt. If something starts off as a small debt it turns into a big one simply because you were not paying off the debt. Financial planning means you have a plan and paying off debt should be the first goal of your plan.

Financial Planning Tip #2 Invest

Another financial planning tip is to invest. Financial planning means you are saving for the future in many cases, so you will want to take money you earn today and invest in the stock market, in bonds, IRAs, 4019k) or a mixture of all of the above. Saving your money with the help of financial planning will help money grow all on its own.

Financial Planning Tip #3 Spend Less than You Earn

This is tough for people to understand and often times what they resist most when they begin financial planning. This is because Americans always want what is bigger and better. Regardless, financial planning is more important than consumerism. Make spending less than you earn part of your financial planning.

Financial Planning Tip #4 Budget

A great financial planning tip is budgeting. You won't be able to save unless you know what you spend. Make budgeting part of your financial planning and you will realize saving is not so hard.

Tips for Financial Planning

Tax on Short Sale, Loan Modification and Foreclosure - Recourse vs Non-Recourse Mortgages

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Tax on Short Sale, Loan Modification and Foreclosure - Recourse vs Non-Recourse Mortgages Tube. Duration : 5.32 Mins. - Arizona is not a recourse state, so chances are you will not owe 1099 C Income - Part 6 - In Arizona, typically its not a recourse state, so if they are telling you that theyre going to garnish your wages because you didnt pay back your entire mortgage, there is a local bank ,that was threatening a very good colleague of ours about a small second mortgage that person had taken out. Threatening to send it to collections and garnish her wages. It simply isn't going to happen. But nevertheless, there is still the tax implications that apply, if you need to navigate through this maze. There is a lot to it, you need to protect yourself. You talked about bankruptcy is one of those exclusions, right? One of the problems with bankruptcy is people dont understand the bankruptcy laws. They are so tight now and your feet are really held to the fire from the federal government right now. It's not like you just didn't make your mortgage payment, so you go file bankruptcy, it's just not realistic. Assuming bankruptcy is the last resort option for everybody. And we certainly want to avoid that, it would not be sound financial advice from any credible source that I can think of. Let's walk through a case scenario, somebody who is listening to this broadcast, their head is spinning right now, they're thinking, oh my gosh. I should have known about the tax implications, a short sale versus loan modification. Let's start at the top and work through a quick ...

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A Bad Credit Home Mortgage Refinance Loan Can Help Your Family

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A Bad Credit Home Mortgage Refinance Loan Can Help Your Family Video Clips. Duration : 5.42 Mins.

Should you use the equity in your house as collateral to acquire the financing you so crucially need? We can help you get that bad credit mortgage refinance that you are looking for!

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Aryavart Gramin bank, financing solar PV in India - Ashden Award winner

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Aryavart Gramin bank, financing solar PV in India - Ashden Award winner Video Clips. Duration : 4.38 Mins.

This video can be downloaded here: The Aryavart Gramin bank won an Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy in 2008. To find out more visit the link above and check out the Ashden Awards Blog The Aryavart Gramin bank in Uttar Pradesh used solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to back-up the unreliable grid power for some of its branches, and recognised the potential of PV for its many off-grid customers. The bank set up a bulk supply and installation agreement with TATA-BP for PV solar-home-systems, and provides loans for its customers with a good credit record to purchase the systems. To date 10100 loans have been approved and 8000 solar-home-systems installed. Local entrepreneurs are paid by the bank to service and maintain systems. The Aryavart Gramin bank has a target of 25000 solar-home-systems this year, and is promoting the idea of its SHS loan scheme to other rural banks.

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Home Repair Loans - Secrets Your Banker Won't Tell You

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Maintaining a home can be a costly venture and most home owners don't have loose cash sitting in a checking account to utilize for repairs and home improvements. So most American home owners tend to borrow to complete this venture.

But please be aware, there are things that your loan officer won't tell you about that home repair loan that you are getting. So before you get a new mortgage loan to pay for major home fix-ups, ensure that you follow a specific guide to get money:

Home Loans

First make sure that you pay as little interest on this loan as possible, so make sure you shop around, YOU DON'T NEED TO REFINANCE YOUR MORTGAGE. You should also try to get a tax-deduction for what you do pay for this mortgage loan and don't end up sacrificing your financial health and well being. Not doing this is the first step of placing yourself in the poor house.

Secondly ensure that you take into account all the variables when applying for that loan:

Where can you get the best financing?

How will the monthly payments affect your budget?

How much equity do you have in your home?

What is the nature of your home improvement project

How long it will take you to repay the debt?

These are key questions that should point you in the right direction. You must find the best loan option. But even then you must make sure that this does not cause your budget to collapse. If it does then you will be in serious problems with respect to the monthly payment. Having less than twenty percent (20%) of market value in equity in your home is a clear signal to wait. This means that in one felt swoop you can move from happy owner to foreclosed properties if the financial institution that you borrowed from goes belly up.

With respect to the nature of the project and the term life of the loan here are just a few questions you MUST ask yourself before taking on that loan.

1. How much does the home repair project cost? To calculate this you use the contractors bid amount and subsequently add 10% to 20% for potential cost overruns.

2. Will you be able to afford this? If you cannot easily afford the monthly payments on the loan, you are 'courting trouble' by even thinking about a home equity loan or credit line. As mentioned earlier but if you have less than 20% equity value in your home you will be forced to pay higher interest rates and you won't have any backup for emergencies.

3. Examine your other financial obligations? Your financial bases should be covered i.e you should be saving enough cash for retirement, to clear all existing credit card debt and at least ninety days living expenses saved in an emergency fund.

4. Finally will the project add value to your home? Some home repairs just don't add enough value, especially maintenance repairs. Many American home improvements add some monetary value, and normally you will not recover 50% to 75% of what you spend in added value. So the less value you're adding to your property the longer you should consider waiting until you can pay cash, instead of taking a home repair loan.

Home Repair Loans - Secrets Your Banker Won't Tell You

7.9 million jobs lost, many forever

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7.9 million jobs lost, many forever Video Clips. Duration : 5.87 Mins. Sign Up Today 7.9 million jobs lost, many forever The recession killed off 7.9 million jobs. It's increasingly likely that many will never come back. The government jobs report issued Friday shows that businesses have slowed their pace of hiring to a relative trickle. "The job losses during the Great Recession were so off the chart, that even though we've gained about 600000 private sector jobs back, we've got nearly 8 million jobs to go," said Lakshman Achuthan, managing director of Economic Cycle Research Institute. Excluding temporary Census workers, the economy has added fewer than 100000 jobs a month this year -- a much faster and stronger jobs recovery than occurred following the last two recessions in 2001 and 1991. But even if that pace of hiring were to double immediately, it would take until 2013 to recapture the lost jobs. And the labor market very likely doesn't have years before it gets hit with the shock of the inevitable next economic downturn. "It's virtually certain that the next recession will come before the job market has healed from the last recession," said Achuthan. (Read 'Stimulus: The big bang is over') Stimulus: The big bang is over NEW YORK ( -- The job market and economy need a serious jumpstart, but the stimulus program likely won't be able to do it. This summer will be the peak of the 7 billion stimulus program in terms of creating jobs and pumping money into the economy. In fact ...

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VA IRRL refinance

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VA IRRL refinance Tube. Duration : 4.73 Mins.

Explanation of the VA Interest Rate Reduction Loan (IRRL) available for VA loan holders. This is a fantastic relatively inexpensive mortgage refinance option for Veterans. Watch this video for detail. Brought to you by Superior Home Loans next to Ciao Bella Pizza in Bluewater Bay, Niceville, Florida!

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New York City, Lower East Side of Manhattan Video Tour - Part 1

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New York City, Lower East Side of Manhattan Video Tour - Part 1 Video Clips. Duration : 5.98 Mins.

David Hill with New York Habitat is proud to present a new video tour of New York neighborhoods. Discover one of New York City's hip and historical neighborhoods, called the Lower East Side. Watch other video tours of other great areas of NYC, such as the East Village or Chinatown The name, Lower East Side, pretty much tells you that this neighborhood is located in the south-eastern part of Manhattan. It's roughly located between Houston Street to the north, the East River on the east, Canal Street to the south, and Bowery to the west. Keep in mind that the boundaries of this neighborhood are not exactly defined because this area is in constant change and renewal and often it's hard to tell exactly where the Lower East side ends and where the adjacent neighborhoods start. Brief History The Lower East Side, also called LES by the locals, is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Manhattan. During the second half of the nineteenth century it was predominantly occupied by working class immigrants who arrived in New York and settled here in the many tenement buildings. It is a culturally diverse area formed by many different ethnic groups of the world who have been immigrating to New York over the centuries. Tenement Museum: Located on Orchard Street, the Tenement Museum is a 5-story tenement building where thousands of immigrants from 20 different nations lived between the mid-1800 to the early 1900s. You can take a daily tour offered by the ...

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Vision Bank Home Loan Words

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Vision Bank Home Loan Words Tube. Duration : 0.23 Mins.

Here are a few reasons why our customers choose Vision Bank for their home loan. Member FDIC & Equal Housing Lender

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Bailout 13: Does the bailout have a chance of working?

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Bailout 13: Does the bailout have a chance of working? Video Clips. Duration : 10.98 Mins.

Can the bailout work?

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