FHA Mobile Home Mortgage Loans - How Do They Work?

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If you are looking to buy a mobile home and you have a limited amount of money to put down towards your purchase, you may want to consider a FHA mobile home loan. FHA stands for Federal Housing Administration and it's responsible for Housing and Urban Development (also known as HUD). How does this help you? FHA insures your mortgage loan so that lenders will give you a good deal, even though you do not have a sizable down payment.

Under the FHA mobile home loan umbrella there are two types of programs. One is for people who already own land to put the mobile home on and the other is for people that choose to locate their mobile home in an established mobile home park.

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When lenders consider applicants for FHA-backed mobile home loans, they must follow certain eligibility requirements. These requirements include considering the applicant's credit rating, the income and the ability to repay the debt.

A Title 1 loan can be used to buy a mobile home, a lot on which to place a mobile home, or both. The home must be the primary residence of the person or persons obtaining the loan. There are maximum loan amounts as well as loan terms that must be adhered to, as follows. For a mobile home only, the maximum is ,600. For a piece of land or lot, the maximum is ,200, while the maximum for a combination of the two is ,800. Maximum loan terms for FHA mobile home loans are: 20 years for a mobile home or a single section mobile home and lot, 15 years for a lot, and 25 years for a multi-section mobile home and lot.

Most of the time when you buy a mobile home, you will also have the opportunity to finance your purchase at the mobile home dealer in which you make your purchase. Sometimes these dealers will not offer FHA-backed loans. If they do not, ask them for a referral to a lender who will use FHA. Or you could consider finding a lender online.

To qualify for a FHA-backed mobile or manufactured home mortgage loan, you must meet some minimum criteria. You must be able to provider five percent down payment (although there are additional programs to help if you do not have this amount), proof of income and a suitable place to locate your mobile home (this may be on your own land or in a mobile home park).

FHA Mobile Home Mortgage Loans - How Do They Work?