Home Loans Without Big Down Payments

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One of the things that hold many people back from home ownership is the fact that it costs a lot of money just to get into a home. A down payment can be as much as 20 percent or more of the purchase price of the house and if you are looking at homes that cost even $150,000 you will need to come up with as much as $30,000 just to be approved for the funding. Who has an extra $30,000 just lying around? Most people don’t have this sort of money sitting in their bank account. Another complication is that you not only have to come up with a down payment you also have to come up with closing costs associated with the loan. It can be difficult to find home loans that are affordable, but they are out there for the taking you just need to know where to look.

Buy a Home without Going Broke

Many people give up on the dream of home ownership before they even get started because they just don’t believe that they will ever be able to afford the down payment and closing costs. For those that thought that these fees would hold them back from home ownership, there is good news! There are home loans out there that will allow you to get into a home for very little in the way of a down payment and very little in the way of closing costs. Not everyone will qualify for these loan programs, but many people will and many people have been able to buy a home because of them! Why not find out if you qualify!

One of the best home loans for people who lack a large down payment is an FHA loan. FHA loans are loans that are provided by a lender but insured by the Federal Housing Administration. These loans allow for a lender to providing funding to those who may have less than perfect credit because they are insured against default. These loans are a great option when you don’t have a lot of cash on hand because the down payment can be as little as three percent. When you are buying that same $150,000 home you would be looking at a down payment of $4,500 instead of $30,000! That is a much better deal for most people and while it still make take some time and effort to come up with the funds, it is much more doable for most people.

In addition to having lower down payment requirements, these loans also have limits as to what can be charged when it comes to closing costs. Many people are not prepared for the cost of closing a loan and they are handed a bill for thousands of dollars and their jaws sort of drop open. It’s hard to come up with these funds and a down payment and when you look at FHA home loans you will find that they make closing costs much more affordable. There are also programs out there for you to take advantage of that will help you pay for the closing costs as well as the down payment. Many people who take advantage of all of these options are able to move into their new home without spending a penny! Wouldn’t that be a great deal?

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